Our Auto Repair Services


Kyle Anderson

I won't go anywhere else. Never do you wrong. You might pay a little more but at least it's done right the first time here!

Bryan Folstad

Good place. I contacted another place (the one next door on Main Ave.) and they quoted me $130 to take the front driveshaft off, change the U joints, put in the new ones, and put the driveshaft back on. However I took the driveshaft off myself but couldn't get the U joints out. They quoted me $130 just to remove the old U joints, something that can be done in 10 minutes with the proper tools! (which I don't have) So I contacted Duggan's Auto and they quoted me at around $50-$70 to take out the old U joints and put in the new ones! A much better price, and it didn't take very long. They even gave me a free shot grease for my driveshaft the next day for free! (It had to be done while it was attached to my vehicle.)

Amy M

Best place to take your vehicle they are friendly they do the job right call and set up your appointment today to get your vehicle serviced they will take care of you just as if you are family. I have been going to Duggan Auto sense 2000 and I would go any where else. I like knowing when I walk into a place I'm not just another number.